Nitin kushwaha

Hello, I'm Nitin kushwaha

UI/UX Designer. | Frontend Developer. | Back-end Developer.

25th March
Gurgoan, Delhi/NCR, India

Nitin kushwaha

Frontend Developer, Back-end Developer, UI/UX Designer.


Efficiency and Productivity
Team work and Coordination
Hard Work and Drive
Planning and Execution

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Profesional Profile

I'm a Full Stack Developer with love for design and coding.

I like to create good performance code that is well written and structured at the same time. For me code should be as poetry where not only the meaning matters but also how it's written.

My stack of languages ranges from Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP and Node.js for web. I'm also experienced and love working with some libraries or variations like: jQuery, AngularJS, Laravel.

I've always said that code and design should go hand in hand. That's why I also love to design. My tools to go are - Photoshop or Illustrator for app/web/logo design.

I'm always reading articles and studying new technologies as life is a constant learning. The more I learn the more my passion grows.

Some other areas of my interest are teaching and travelling.

Cup of coffee

Line of code




I’m good at


    • HTML5 (+Canvas)
    • CSS3 & Responsive
  • JavaScript
    • AngularJS
    • jQuery
    • React/Redux
    • Websockets
  • Tools & Frameworks
    • Photoshop, Illustrator
    • Bower, npm
    • Express, Handlebars
    • Bootstrap


  • Languages
    • PHP5
    • Node.JS
  • Databases
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • SQLite
  • API
    • REST
    • OAUth
    • Google/Facebook/Twitter
  • Tools & Frameworks
    • Composer
    • Laravel


  • Windows/console apps
    • C#, C/C++
  • OS
    • Ubuntu/Debian
    • OS X
    • Windows
  • PaaS
    • AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean
  • CVS
    • Git, SVN
  • Other
    • Vagrant
    • Reverse Engineering

Build amazing, immersive user experiences

My work is to ease the communication between a human and a device. I develop simple solutions to problems through good interactions and beautiful interfaces that consistently & rapidly increases user engagement.

Create fast, easy-to-use applications

I quickly grasp what is to be done for accomplishment of product and align the objectives of the application with the needs of the users.

Clear Code

I have learnt to write clear, maintainable code, the hard way. For the last five years, I've made my living by writing apps and so have also accomplished good, sane programming techniques.


My experience.



I’ve been involved in many projects involving Windows application development, Web apps, Browser extensions, etc


2011 -2014

Web Hybrid

Appointed as full stack developer where my work ranges from building web apps and running campaigns from ideas to execution.

LetzChange Foundation

2014 - 2016

Product Manager

Promoted to Product Manager where my work was to build products for our partners and automate processes.

LetzChange Foundation

2016 - Present

Contact Me

Just drop me a line.

I'm always open to know or meet new people so just text me "Hello!" and I'll be happy to know more about you!